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By 10 7th, 2013

No matter whether you’ve started your business from the ground up, been trading for many years, or are using one of the “newer” business models that have become extremely popular on the internet, you’re going to need some sort of help to make sure that you are successful into the future – no matter what twists and turns the economy may have in store for everyone else.

Of course, help can come in all sorts of forms. If you’ve taken up one of the innovative MLM opportunities that have been making people a steady income on the internet over the last five to ten years, then much of the help that you need when it comes to the actual running of you business will already be available to you.

For instance; one of the key elements to making any company grow is having a steady stream of people seeing your products – something that’s just as true for a bricks and mortar business as it is for online traders, but as an online entrepreneur you have a big advantage over your “real world” counterparts when it comes to “traffic” heading to your place of business. Having a group of knowledgeable business owners to support you can take much of the worry out of trying to locate the buyers that you need.

Just think about it for a moment. Bricks and mortar businesses can quite easily fall at one of the first hurdles that they encounter: the location of their shop. They can do a lot to try to remedy not being located in a part of the town where they have the greatest footfall, but having great advertising is no real substitute for having a flow of naturally passing trade. Even with the best – and most expensive – advertising available to you, you’ll still be too far out of the way for some people.

Working online instantly removes that as a barrier, and opens up the whole world to you; depending on what it is that you’re actually selling to the customer in the first place. You may still be restricted by the costs of sending items to people, or by the services that you provide, but you will be in a better position to reach more people than you could if you were to setup shop in your home town.

Now, assuming that you want to take advantage of the business opportunities that the internet has started to provide, where do you begin? No matter what you do you will be selling something to someone; so bear that in mind when you see an advert that says you can make money without selling. You may not be selling a product to the person in question, but you will be selling them something, even if it’s just the idea that taking a brief survey will earn them $20.

To make any “real” money, though, you need to have a product that people will find value in owning. Obviously you probably don’t already have a product of your own to sell, and that’s where affiliate and network marketing has stepped in to help out budding entrepreneurs. You’ll quite quickly be able to find a product that suits your interests – and more importantly those of the buying public – giving you something that you can sell and earn a generous commission on.

There is, nonetheless, something missing from most affiliate programs that you’ll really only get when joining a company like MLM Foundation: a like-minded community of people who are all trying to achieve the same goals. No matter whether you’re new to MLM opportunities or you’re a seasoned campaigner, you’ll find people who will be able to help you with some of the areas of your business that you may have struggled with in the past.

If you’ve been thinking about ways in which you can start to generate a second income to meet your family’s needs, and you know that being online is the only way to do it in an affordable and scalable way, then you need to do yourself a favor and visit mlmfoundationteam.com. The time and money that you save today could make all the difference to your family in the near future. So do it now, before you let another golden opportunity slip through your grasp

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Top 6 Factors to Help You Decide on the Best MLM Company to Join

By 08 27th, 2013

Going through the pros and cons of different MLM opportunities? Pick out the best MLM companies among the rest by finding out the important factors to consider.

Going through the pros and cons of different MLM opportunities? Pick out the best MLM companies among the rest by finding out the important factors to consider.

With the many MLM companies sprouting today in various places all around the world, it can certainly be confusing to choose which one will give you the best opportunity to grow and attain your dreams. Indeed a lot of people have become frustrated and disappointed over the years because of having joined several MLM companies that did not last or provide sufficient support.

Getting into this type of business can be very challenging yet very rewarding too. If you’re really determined to make it big as a network marketer and as a global entrepreneur, you have to go through the various MLM opportunities first and weigh them according to these top 6 most important factors:

1. Length of Existence

One of the most obvious factors that exhibit stability of a company is the length of existence. Yes, it can be quite tempting to become a pioneer in a startup MLM business. However, if this company has not been in existence for at least 5 years in another country, you better think twice. Please remember that 90% of MLM companies that are just in the initial stages and are not presently operating anywhere else fail within a period of two years.

2. Capitalization

The other question you must find the answer to is this: How well-capitalized is the company?

The company you intend to join should definitely have sufficient capitalization in order to support infrastructure, training, keep pace with technology, have a steady supply of products, and be able to pay your commission! Do a bit of research first and visit the office several times. Talk to other distributors as well, not just to your sponsor. At least in this manner, you can gain insight into the actual workings of the business before shelling out any amount of money for the membership.

When it comes to MLM opportunities, you’re better off going with a company that is transparent with its capitalization and profits, one that also increases its sales every year over the span of time it has been in operation.

3. Uniqueness and Marketability of Products and Services

How unique are the products and services? If they seem to be just like any other in the market, forget about it. You won’t be able to sell them at all or use them to invite or recruit people into your group.

For example, if the company is offering food supplements, you need to look into the ingredients carefully and ensure that these are much more powerful than other options. You can even try first the product before joining.

Also be aware that there are times when uniqueness is present but marketability is absent. You have to determine and check if people really need the products and services and if you’ll have a huge market for these. If, for example, the MLM opportunities you’re looking into offer one-of-a-kind items for just specialized, limited groups, you might run out of customers in the long run especially as more distributors add up.

4. Ways of Earning

Another important factor you really, really need to study is the ways of earning MLM companies have. There are tons of variations! If you’re not a network marketer, you might get confused. You might be led on too. Make sure to ask a lot of questions and to comprehend the marketing/compensation plan first before joining.

It’s essential to choose the opportunity that allows you to earn immediately and will not require you to invest so much every month. There are some that will require monthly auto shipment of massive amounts, which you may not be able to afford especially if you’re still just starting. Take note that to actually start doing good in this business, you need to be at it for around two years consistently. Don’t make so much of shorter claims. These may all be hype!

It’s better too to go with a plan that gives commissions without needing to fulfill so many requirements or quotas first. For example, there are some that will give you a commission for every person who joins your team even if you don’t have any sales or you haven’t met a certain number of recruits yet.

5. Training Provision

Another important but often neglected factor is training provision. How much training and support does the company provide for distributors? How much do they cost?

Generally, it’s best to go with a MLM company with a dedicated training team and that conducts regular training all year round. Furthermore, you might want to look at stable companies which actually give a lot of free sessions to help distributors become more successful as opposed to those which seem to not be generous with knowledge and development of skills but are more focused on earning from the costly training offered.

6. Business Partners

Lastly, as you are juggling the decision among just a few top contenders of MLM opportunities you’re considering, take note of the business partners you will have. Do you get along with the team members and especially with the person who invited you? Do you like the people you’ll be working with? Do you think you’ll have fun being with them? This is very important as it can also play a major role in your resolve to stay in the group or in the company despite tough times.

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The 6-Step Plan to Your Own Video Blog for MLM Lead Generation

By 08 22nd, 2013

Imagine the Internet as a sea of MLM leads waiting to be tapped, eager for information, and yearning to increase their income. Distributors from various MLM companies are all excited to pounce on them. But wait! Don’t do it just yet without any plan or research or you might scare them away.

How will you capture their attention? How can you lure them into your fishing net and bring them to a much greener island, a paradise that all of you can build together?

One way to accomplish effective MLM lead generation is through the setup of your very own video blog. If you’ve been doing some online marketing research, you have probably come across video marketing. It’s definitely hot, hip, and happening right this moment! You shouldn’t waste any time. Hop on!

Come up with your own video blog for MLM lead generation online success.

Come up with your own video blog for MLM lead generation online success.

What’s a Video Blog?

Simply put, a video blog refers to a daily or weekly posts of videos on a website or on your YouTube channel which all revolve around one main subject.  Instead of written blogs, you post videos. In this case, your goal is to come up with your own video blog in the MLM niche.

The 6-Step Plan to Launching Your MLM Video Blog

How can you start a video blog? Here are the six important steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Select

The first step is to select your actual niche. Your blog can be about anything and everything MLM, but chances are you’ll attract more of those who are already distributors in other MLM companies. In a way, this is advantageous because you can capture MLM leads who may already be skilled and experienced. Some may be leaders in other companies who already have huge networks that they can transfer to your group.

On the other hand, though, these people may not be looking for a new company and would rather stay where they are. They are probably just after the information.

However, if you know how to use the right keywords, you can certainly still attract those searching for your products, for home-based business opportunities, and for online work.

Your other option is to pick a different niche that will allow you to do an indirect approach. For example, you can go for a money niche and provide tips on personal finance, investments, and businesses. You can then just incorporate your MLM offer naturally in some of the videos.

You may also come up with a weight loss video blog in which you’ll feature your own weight loss products, present the testimonials, and provide practical advice on how to lose unwanted pounds.

Step 2: Set Up

The second step is to set up your video blog either in your existing website under a new tab, in a newly opened domain/website, or with the use of a popular social media video site such as YouTube.

Choose a theme and make the look simple, appealing, and appropriate.

Step 3: Stir

Next, you have to create a stir in the online world. Even before you’ve officially launched your site or posted your first video, you must already make people know about your blog and anticipate it.

This can be done through the use of social media. Come up with teaser photos and videos about your upcoming blog. Make it very enticing. You can encourage people to visit your site or YouTube channel and become your follower or subscriber so that they’ll always be updated with the latest posts.

Step 4: Strive

Now it’s time to come up with your very first video blog post. If you are a great speaker and you look presentable, it’s more advisable to show your face in the video and talk to your audience. They’ll get to know you better and thus trust you. Make eye contact with the camera as if you’re looking straight in the eyes of your prospects.

If you want to be successful in this particular MLM lead generation strategy, you have to make your first blog post viral. What do people like sharing or commenting on? Perhaps you can feature a unique success story, show controversial photos or footage related to your niche, or offer something in return for people passing on the video.

Indeed you have to plan this video very well. Write a winning script, use a good camcorder, edit nicely. If you can’t do these things, then hire people who are skilled and professional. The investment will be worth it.

Step 5: Speak 

Speak up and speak out. This means that once your first video post is out, you have to scream it out to the world! Don’t spam but make people take notice.

You can post the video or provide the link in your social media accounts or email it to your contacts and subscribers. You may also come up with articles with the links. Go heavy on marketing and you’ll reap great rewards with your MLM lead generation.

Step 6: Soar

The last step— SOAR! It means take off. Don’t settle for just one or a few videos. Keep posting and providing relevant information. Soon you’ll be surprised to realize that you’ve built a big audience. People are following your video blog as if it’s an exciting TV series!

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Pay Per Click: Learning the Basics for Your MLM Business

By 08 9th, 2013

PPC marketing is a great online strategy to generate focused MLM leads.

PPC marketing is a great online strategy to generate focused MLM leads.

If you have been groping your way in the dark alleys of the online marketing world, you’ve probably come across the term PPC already. What does it stand for? Better yet, what does it mean for your MLM business?

PPC in Simple Terms

PPC simply means Pay Per Click. This is often associated with Google advertising in which you can pay for listings that appear on search results when particular keywords are typed in by someone. PPC ads are those little, seemingly insignificant highlighted boxes or text on top or on the sides of search results.

PPC marketing, however, is not insignificant. It may be small, but quite highly effective in boosting traffic to your MLM website. It will definitely bring you more targeted leads.

It’s not just on Google that you can enjoy the benefits of PPC. Aside from Google AdWords, you may also utilize AdCenter for Yahoo and Bing. This way, your ad will appear on these popular search engines when your indicated keywords are typed by different people around the world.

Steps to Set Up a PPC Campaign in Google AdWords

If you really want to increase your MLM business lead generation online, PPC is worth a try. Yes, it may require you to shell out a fairly significant amount but the potential returns can be priceless. Anyway, you will never know unless you try it out.

Learn how to set up your own PPC campaigns for optimized MLM business advertising.

Learn how to set up your own PPC campaigns for optimized MLM business advertising.

So here’s how you can go for PPC marketing:

Step 1: Open an account on Google AdWords. You can search for it on Google, click on the link, and then follow the sign up process.

Step 2: Start your very first Adwords campaign. It’s good to set up one local and one national campaign. You can choose to make use of the default settings or opt to change some fields such as the target (global, nationwide, or local) and the language. Then you must also enter an Ad group name, which can be your MLM company name with your own name, or your MLM group name if you have one.

Step 3: Come up with a catchy ad. Write a short but captivating ad that you believe will make you want to click on it if you were the one who saw it.

Step 4: Develop a keyword list. These ads are centered around focused keywords in order to get targeted leads at a low cost. Thus, you have to conduct a research on the best keywords to use. What do you think are the phrases that people interested in earning extra income and getting into a MLM business would use in a search engine? You can begin with these. Try visiting http://5minutesite.com/local_keywords.php or go to the Keyword Tool of https://adwords.google.com/.

Step 5: Indicate your final settings to launch the campaign. You can set the cost per click as well as the daily budget that you can afford.

These steps are very easy to follow and Google AdWords is also simple and user-friendly. Hence you’ll have no trouble coming up with your first campaign and zooming your way up in the MLM lead generation ladder.

PPC will definitely play a huge role in your MLM online marketing campaigns. After all, it’s one effective focused advertising tool that can give you so much in exchange for a small cost.

Image Credits: Dreamstime.com


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MLM Foundation Team’s Upcoming Lead Generation Program Creates a Buzz in the MLM Business Industry

By 08 8th, 2013

MLMFoundationTeam.com, a new leading website in the online network marketing niche, has been cooking up a comprehensive lead generation program for all multi-level marketing distributors around the world. It has created a buzz in the MLM business industry because of its easy-to-follow sets of instructions designed to equip distributors with revolutionary skills in digital and online marketing. The program is scheduled to be launched within the coming months.

online-mlm-lead-generationOnline Leads Projected to Propel MLM Business

According to renowned financial guru and business advocate Robert Kiyosaki, “Network marketing is the fastest growing business model in the world today.” Combined with the increasing popularity and effectiveness of Internet marketing strategies, the MLM industry is projected to continue moving forward and spreading across the globe as distributors make use of online techniques for direct sales and recruitment.

MLMFoundationTeam.com has long seen the massive potential of Internet marketing in lead generation. Hence, the website will soon be taking in members under its program to guide step by step in learning and applying blogging, article marketing, link building, video marketing, social media marketing, and other vital methods used to generate good leads online.

Focus on Pay-Per-Click Advertising

mlm-lead-generationThe said program will be focusing too on guiding members to practice pay-per-click advertising to maximize lead generation. It does not matter from which MLM companies the distributors come from. Everyone will greatly benefit from running PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. Knowing how this type of online promotion works will make a big difference especially for distributors who have no idea how to market their MLM business online.

Following the Example of Top Earners

These days, a lot of top earners in various MLM companies around the world are implementing online and digital marketing strategies to generate targeted leads. This way, they can easily funnel these leads and end up with those who are truly interested in what they have to offer.

Many leading distributors earning an average of $30,000 to $100,000 USD per month have been practicing these proven and effective online marketing and advertising techniques. These will all be taught in the program currently being developed by MLMFoundationTeam.com.

Online Program for All MLM Distributors at Different Levels

With this website’s team of MLM top earners and online marketing professionals, their program is bound to be a big hit. Those who have been having a difficult time inching forward and making money in MLM will greatly benefit. Those who wish to obtain better and regular leads daily and increase their number of pay-ins will also get significant results. Long-time distributors who seem to be stuck in a rut or are finding it difficult to go digital will also find the program highly useful. Even the ones who are already earning a lot in their MLM businesses will pick up a lot of great pointers and specific strategies from the program.

MLMFoundationTeam.com is a new but experienced player in the MLM niche online, providing useful information and practical tips to distributors as well as to those interested to get into the MLM business. Along with company reviews and updates in the worldwide MLM industry, the website aims to give the best guidance and advice to various distributors. It is made up of a professional team of MLM experts and online marketing specialists.


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